Climbing out on Faith

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Climbing out on Faith

Postby Corey_Messer » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:01 pm

Hey Family, as I was typing this up for the climbing team, I thought of you all! It's a snibbit of what I'll talk about Thursday night! I want to start uploading more of my chapter's content from our meetings to encourage you all too!

Matthew 14:22-33

For the first couple years of my climbing I only climbed what I knew I would be able to send or accomplish. I feel like there are a lot of times in our life when we make choices based on what we know, what we can send, do, or accomplish. In climbing I never "really" needed a rope to catch me if I were to fall because the routes I choose to climb were easy, and I could climb them on my own strength.

Think about the rope you use to climb with as a metephor for Jesus. If you're a Christian, then Jesus is figure-eight tied into you're life and if you fall He is not letting go. But, I feel like many Christians today, and even myself fear saying YES to following the dreams and desires God has put on our hearts due to the possibliity of failing because we won't be able to accomplish those dreams on our own strength. Or as climbing we fear climbing new and harder routes becauase we might take a big fall, but that is exaclty why God has put these dreams and desires on our hearts! Because He wants to be the rope that catches you, and He wants to be with you to give you the strength as you start climbing out on faith!

Even Peter climbed out on FAITH as he climbed out of the boat and walked on the water with Jesus ~ Matt. 14:22-33
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