SAVING the Green Church

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SAVING the Green Church

Postby Pete P » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:26 am

I want to being up a special topic - which should be close to the heart of climbers. Especially for all of you who have ventured up Highway 395 in the eastern Sierras.

There is a small church building up there - and it has come to be known as the "Green Church". It was a small building beside Hwy 395 for a long time. Somehow it got abandoned and was fenced off, but you could see it as you drove by. Things changed later when a university bought the land near Bishop. The Green Church sat on the land, and therefore became part of university property. This was a strange situation - to say the least - because in modern America our universities are secular (except for Christian schools) and they give no respect or worship to God. So the Green Church sat on university land. But things became even stranger. Scientists and biologists from the university began using the church as a meeting location. They held meetings there - to talk about science. But not about God. Since the church was a "building", it was used for monthly seminars and meetings. Eventually the university came up with the money to build a real auditorium. As far as I know, the Green Church is now unused again. It is vacant and sitting on university land. I hope that it is still intact, and has not been scrapped.

This whole issue should strike a special chord in the hearts of climbers. The Green Church is a historic church that symbolizes the spirit of the Eastern Sierra's ... God's love for this great territory. The church should not be abandoned or scorned - it deserves a new home where God's love and promise can be renewed.

My suggestion is that we save the Green Church! If the building exists, we can find a new "home" for it and give it new life. I also think that the Green Church should be open for prayers for all people who visit the Eastern Sierras - therefore not strictly affiliated with one denomination. I don't have anything against specific church denominations. But I think that this particular church should be available to all people.

If anyone knows any helpful info, or would like to get involved, please send a note here (or e-mail me).

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