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The Vision for Catalyst Sports is β€œto be an agent that provokes a significant change or action in the lives of those in the community who have physical disabilities. Our goal is to discover ways to get people involved who may not be interested in the mainstream sports that most cities offer or are otherwise turned away from these activities. By providing very unique recreational opportunities that are difficult for someone with a disability to participate in we hope to open up their eyes to endless possibilities.

At Catalyst Sports, we also look to connect the young with the old, the new with the experienced, and the strong with the weak in order to build into each other and enjoy the community that we live in together. In all that we do, we do so that we might glorify God.”

The funds raised from the Chandler Mountain Challenge will be used to provide first time climbing opportunities to people with physical disabilities. They will be given the opportunity to reach new heights and become part of the climbing community!

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Activities described and depicted within this site carry a significant risk of personal injury or death. Rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and all other outdoor activities are dangerous.

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