Climbing Tips with Life Lessons

Each tip will help you be a better climber.  Each tip will flow into a life lesson that can make a difference in your everyday life.  Enjoy!

Tip 5: Ascending a Fixed Rope

Having the right tools will allow you to have confidence when ascending a rope and having the right mindset will allow you to have confidence in personal growth.
Date Posted: 12.21.13

Tip 4: Rope Care

A lesson on taking care of your ropes and relationships.
Date Posted: 12.20.13

Tip 3: Taping Up For Climbing

Just as tape protects our hands from the abrasiveness of rock, God will protect us from all that would destroy us.
Date Posted: 12.19.13

Tip 2: Waste Disposal on a Big Wall

A tip on disposing human waste while on the wall and how to dispose of wastes in your life that will hold you back.
Date Posted: 12.18.13

Tip1: Climbing with Endurance

Training your endurance will help keep you on the rock, but having endurance in life will keep you on the right track.
Date Posted: 12.17.13



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