Climbing Tips with Life Lessons

Each tip will help you be a better climber.  Each tip will flow into a life lesson that can make a difference in your everyday life.  Enjoy!

Tip 15: Climbing Goals! Do They Help, Hurt or Do Nothing?

Three weeks before the end of the year, a good friend, Andrew Hunzicker, projected and sent his seventh 5.13. By almost every climber’s standards, especially for those in their late 40s, that would be considered an incredible year! Then an absurd “numbers” thought came to me that I decided to torment his accountant’s mind with: “Could he climb thirteen different 5.13s in 2013?” With that challenge, everything change! READ MORE!
Date Posted: 01.14.14

Tip 14: The Fine Art of Footwork

Using your feet will help you get through your climb just like using the Bible will help you get through life.
Date Posted: 12.31.13

Tip 13: Dance and Contentment

Tips for dancing on the rock and how to dance through life.
Date Posted: 12.30.13

Tip 12: Finding Balance

Learning to balance in climbing and live will improve both.
Date Posted: 12.29.13

Tip 11: Complete Guide to Falling

Learn to take falls to better your climbing and see how this relates to the existence of God.
Date Posted: 12.28.13

Tip 10: Big Wall Hauling and Dealing with Failure

Learn how to haul the pig more efficiently and how to deal with failure in life situations.
Date Posted: 12.27.13

Tip 9: Relaxing with Protection

Knowing the strength of your protection will help you stay relaxed on your climb, and being under the ultimate protection will allow you to stay relaxed in life.
Date Posted: 12.26.13

Tip 8: Climbing Your First 5.12

This tip shows how discipline and failure are necessary in climbing and life.
Date Posted: 12.24.13

Tip 7: Where is Your Helmet?

A reminder to wear your helmet to protect your head and to trust in God to protect you throughout life.
Date Posted: 12.23.13

Tip 6: Staying Cool

Learn to stay cool while climbing and keep a cool head in all situations in life.
Date Posted: 12.22.13



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