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On this page you will find information on how Solid Rock - Climbers for Christ plans to use and/or has used donations. Since SRCFC is funded only by generous donations from Solid Rock members, supporters & industry sponsors, we like to do what we can to be held accountable for the stewardship of those funds.  Finally, if you are a donor, thank-you for your giving!   

2017 Program Accomplishments

Event Outreach: Thirty-five outreach events held in various climbing areas with approximately 305 members involved reaching out with the Good News to about 3955 climbers face to face and/or by our presence.

Media Outreach: Website with outreach pages with 12951 users and 53,772 page views. 397 entered into gear giveaway and received a gospel presentation. SRCFC sponsored 28 climbing events. 150 outreach DVDs called Crossfire were distributed. Online video channel with outreach videos had 9288 plays.

General Outreach: We added nineteen to our membership role for a total membership of 1440. We have another 1601 contacts who believe in the direction of SRCFC. This gives a total of nearly 3041 involved in the mission. 75 members prayed for the climbing community on one special day and a small group of six prays weekly.

Training and Equipping Members: Eleven email updates and five bulletins sent to members to training equip in climber evangelism. One newsletter was sent to 1925 members/contacts. Logo t-shirts, beanies, decals, tracts and business cards were available and ordered by many as outreach tools.

Conferences: Five events held in various locations with total attendance of 175. National Conference was held in Smith Rock, OR with 60 attending.

Missionaries Program: SRCFC had five full-time staff missionaries. Organized mission trips to Cuba with five members involved. Sponsored a World Class athlete. Provided oversight/accountability to outreach coffee shop in climbing area in Mexico.

Benevolence: Benevolence help was given to six climbers as a way to show them and/or their families and the climbing community the Good News and God’s love. A bouldering benefit was host by SRCFC to help handicap folks have a climbing experience.

Chapter Coordinators: Two new chapter coordinators were added bringing the total number of active coordinators to fourteen.


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