“The Vertical Adventure”

If Solid Rock has your mailing address (and you haven’t opted out), you will be receiving the next issue of our newsletter called “The Vertical Adventure.”  The highlights of this issue are a great essay by member, Nancy Mastracchio, called “The Only Way Down” and an interview of the three guys, Matt Fultz, Daniel Jordan and Nathan Gerhardt, who went on a mission trip to the Rocklands in South Africa.  In today’s “virtual” world, why do we send out newsletter?  The first reason is very practical; many only donate by check and this provides an envelope for them to do so.  Also, we feel that receiving something tangible from an organization can be encouraging and lead to more ownership.  Now on the other side of the coin, we only mail items two or three times a year to minimize cost and environmental impact.  

Date Posted - 08.16.13

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