Solid Rock – Climbers for Christ Raises $1727 for Charity

By Calvin Landrus, SRCFC National Director   -  See Pictures of CMC and HP40

cmcLOGO.jpgThe morning was very cold but we didn't mind because it was the first day in several that we had seen sunshine.  As we were busy setting-up for the 4th Chandler Mountain Challenge at Horse Pens 40, we doubted that there would be much of a turn-out.     

On Friday afternoon before the event, we walked the boulder field at HP 40 in a constant light rain and viewed ice and snow sitting on top of many of the problems.  It become clear that even if it stopped raining during that night, as it was forecasted to do, the boulders wouldn't be climbable until at least late on Saturday afternoon.  So, via the web, we announced that we were postponing the event until Sunday, February 6th.   

When registration opened, the stream of climbers signing-up was not large but it turned out to be steady for almost two hours. In all, forty-four climbers put-down $10 and registered for the “bouldering benefit.”  As they headed out for a session of pulling-down, they knew that for every V-point bouldered, a dollar will be donated by SRCFC and other sponsors to buy medicine for African children with AIDS (up to $850).  In other words, “The More You Climb, the Greater the Gift!”   

Not being much of boulderer, I had to work hard to climb 22 V-points (If one climbed a V2, they recorded 2 points on their scorecard.  V0 problems along with V1s counted as 1 point.)  When we totaled-up all the scorecards that were turned-in, the crew of climbers sent 1727 V-points.  Jason Silvey was the top point earner with 224 doing 65 problems.  Since everyone who climbed earned something, I would like to acknowledge all climbers and the points they climbed.  

Gold Medal (over 70 V-points)

Todd C. - 76, Stacey L. - 89, Tyler W. - 102, Bradley K. - 121, Joshua R. - 166, Jason S.  - 224

Silver Medal (30 to 70 V-points)

Katie W. - 65, Craig W. - 37, Nathan T. - 38, Benjamin L. - 49, Joseph W. - 34, David H. - 52, Billy B. - 43, Stephen B. - 39, Jason F. - 30, Zach W. - 40, Daniel D. - 42, Artie L. - 51, Matt B. - 41, Nathan F. - 32, Natalie H. - 72

Bronze Medal (under 30 V-points)

Blake E. - 28, Cameron B. - 22, Michael M. - 21, Jeanette R. - 9, Matt. G. - 15, Phillip B. - 24, Chris C. - 23, Alicia C. - 7, Joel P. - 18, Jeremy V. - 12, Laura B. - 2,  Taylor B. - 9, Joe M. - 11, Scott B. - 6, Stacey L. - 23, Calvin L. - 22, Rachel C. - 1, Brooks G. - 12, Ashley H. - 6  

Even though we were way over our committed maximum of $850, it was decided that Solid Rock – Climbers for Christ would cover every V-point bouldered by a registered climber.  So we will be sending $1727 to buy medicine for African children through American Foundation for Children with AIDS under the Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up program.   See thank-you note for AFCA Director below.

We would like to thank the Howard Schultz Family and Horse Pens 40 for the donation of property use for us to make the event happen.  We also would like to thank Ascension and The Climbing Place climbing gyms and SRCFC members who donated to make this event a success.


On behalf of the children served by the American Foundation for Children with AIDS, I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you did to complete your climbing goals. Every dollar you earned and donated to our work is equal to a day of life for a child affected and/or infected by AIDS. All together, you guys have given 5 children a full year of any medicine they need, as well as nutritional support. That is AMAZING and we can't thank you enough.

Thank you for caring,

Tanya Weaver
Director of AFCA


Date Posted - 02.18.11

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