Ministry Moment at Smith Rock

by Calvin Landrus, SRCFC National Director

Last weekend was the Crimpfest at Smith Rock where SRCFC sponsored the event by doing a breakfast (thanks to JoJo, Micah, Rick, Andrew that went super well).  After cleaning up, I didn’t have much to do until the evening festivities as I was resting to compete in the Crushfest climbing comp the next day.  So I loaded up a cooler with Gatorades and along with Andrew passing out granola bars, walked through the main climbing area offering climbers a cool drink on a hot day.  Adam and his partner took one but weren’t interested in receiving a copy of Crossfire.  You could tell from their “no” that they were resistant.

Later that day, I ran into them again.  This time I was hanging out with Paige Claassen who had come to the event on behalf of SRCFC (see more at her blog) to fulfill another part of our sponsorship. Paige was teaching a clinic and the group hanging out was just having fun. In the middle of this, Adam’s partner started up a route and was going right instead of left and would soon be into 5.12 climbing and not the 5.8 ground he was expecting.  So I offered-up some assistance to change direction and they received it.  

Once they were back on the ground, they pursued me to ask more questions about climbing and how climbing shoes should fit.  Through kindness their resistance had been broken down.  

We had a chance to follow-up more with them as we returned some anchor draws they had left behind.  As I was departing Smith on Sunday, Adam saw me and was quick to wave good-bye.  We had made a connection.  I will be looking for Adam again this fall at Smith.  I hope to continue to get to know and offer him the Good News of Christ as the Holy Spirit leads.

Date Posted - 09.20.12

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