Introduction of a New SRCFC Staff Missionary

DanDavies.jpgSRCFC is pleased to formally announce that Dan Davies has been approved by the Board of Directors to be our Media Outreach Director.  His main responsibility will be to develop, implement and manage external and internal communications and messaging across all media types including video, social media, web and print.  Since this area takes tons of time and requires the ability to get quality work done, Dan will be a huge addition to SRCFC’s efforts in reaching climbers.  We are excited to welcome him and the potential growth he will bring to the ministry.  

Please pray for Dan and his wife, Sandra, in their first step to establish missionary support under SRCFC.  The faster he can establish a support base with SRCFC, the faster he can begin to do outreach to climbers.  Also, pray for a position for his wife in a professional orchestra in a location where climbing and climbers are nearby, as they no longer want to be based out of the Orlando, FL area.  

If you would like to encourage Dan with a welcome email, please shoot him an email at   Finally,  go to if you would like to view some of his media work done under his previous ministry.

Date Posted - 04.01.14

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