Crossfire DVD Available by Mail

Offering a 10-pack for $10 bucks!

Many of you have already received your copy of Crossfire.  If you haven’t received your free copy yet, please send an email to including your current mailing address and we will get it to you right away.  NEW OFFER: We are also offering a limited number of 10-packs of the DVDs for $10 bucks.  If you would like a pack, a donation of $10 submitted at our giving page will get these to you!  Please note your desire for a Crossfire 10-pack.

MORE INFO ON CROSSFIRE: Just over a year ago, a special donation was given to SRCFC for us to create an outreach video with Calvin Landrus, SRCFC’s National Director, as the “star.”  At first, he was reluctant.  Why?  Because, quoting Calvin, “I’m not that great of a climber or verbal communicator.”  But God’s continued guidance resulted in a rather distinctive climbing video “featuring an insignificant climber, sharing a significant message.”  The video and the route are called Crossfire, a four-star route at the world-class crag of Smith Rock here in Oregon.  Speaking about how it came together, Calvin wrote, “When I first tried it, I couldn’t do the two cruxes.  But the climbing was so much fun, I kept throwing myself at it.  And finally after much work, I could envision it going for me.  At the same time, the Lord placed in my heart the idea of sharing the Gospel as I climbed it.”  For now, it’s available in DVD format only so you will have an opportunity to share it with a fellow climber before he or she is “inoculated” by being exposed to it on the web.  (Please do know that we will follow-up the DVD release with a strong web-release in the next couple of months.)  See trailer of Crossfire video at

Date Posted - 01.23.12

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