Climbing for Jesus Update

anakatworlds2012.jpgAnak Veerhoeven was featured in our last mailed newsletter, The Vertical Adventure.  Since then, she has continued to climb and compete well by sending hard routes outside, placing 2nd in Youth Worlds and doing well for a 16 year old in the adult World Cups.  You can read more about her climbing on her website at

Another exciting development is that two Belgium TV shows have requested interviews.  One has already taken place and Anak’s father shared that the recording went well and that she was able to explain her faith with positive animated discussions.  At one point the crew wanted Anak to say: "If I climb well on the World Cup in Belgium, I will be thankful to God".  She was able to explain that no matter what they will be thankful because God holds the future, even if she is sometimes a bit disappointed.

Please pray for God’s light to shine through her as the interviews are broadcasts and as she continues to climb for Jesus.  Also, pray for all Christian climbers that gain notoriety through their climbing that they be a witness as well.

Date Posted - 09.19.12

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