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2012 Chandler Mountain Challenge: Currently Seeking Sponsors!  Scheduled for February 11th, 2012, SRCFC will be holding its 5th Chandler Mountain Challenge at Horse Pens 40 near Steele, AL. 

When Brad Killough sought to do the first one, I was excited to hear that we could have freedom sharing the Good News because the bouldering is on private property and that the owners, the Schultz family, are open to what we are doing!  Our heartfelt thanks go to Brad for his vision and the Schultz family for their willingness to have us. What started out as competition has evolved into being a bouldering benefit for Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up. Our slogan this year is “The More You Climb, the Greater the Gift!”  What this means is that for every V-point bouldered by a registered climber, a dollar will be donated by SRCFC to buy medicine for African children with AIDS.  For example, if one boulders four V4s, $16.00 will be given to the American Foundation for Children with AIDS ( because of their participation.  We are currently seeking sponsors. Individuals and companies can join in for a minimum amount of $100.

Date Posted - 11.14.11

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