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Solid Rock Climbers for Christ Merchandise


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Support Solid Rock by purchasing and wearing items with our logo on them. Proceeds from the sales of the merchandise go to furthering the ministry work done by Solid Rock Climbers for Christ.



    Crossfire DVD

    crossfirecover.jpg The video features Calvin Landrus, the National Director of Solid Rock – Climbers for Christ, climbing a four-star route, Crossfire (5.12b), at Smith Rock, Oregon and sharing a life-changing message. 

    "Calvin gives us inspiration to fulfill our life's desires, both in the physical realm and in the Spiritual realm. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and be challenged to reach for all that life has to offer.” - Doug Englekirk
    “Crossfire is inspiring. Not only does it demonstrate the joys of climbing a difficult route, but also the joys of being a Christ follower. I have had the opportunity to climb with Calvin, and I know his heart is filled with Jesus. Jesus and climbing.” – Matt Fultz

    Bonus Features: Actual Redpoint Footage with Commentary, Where Climbers Gather, Doug Englekirk – In His Own Words and more.

    COST: $3.00 (up to 10 DVDs and includes shipping)

    Member Handbook

    The 60 pages of the Member Handbook are divided into three sections. The first is 10 Cairns to Mark the Path. Topics in the section include: Understanding Our Purpose, Why a National Mission Organization to Climbers?, Accomplishing Our Mission, Being “On Mission” when Climbing, The Role of Area Contacts, Committing to Relationship Evangelism, Taking a Risk in Faith, Witnessing Warning, Having Beautiful Feet and Thinking Right Thoughts.

    The second section is 10 Lessons in Climber Evangelism. Topics in the section include: Basic Training, Jesus’ Mission on Earth, Sharing Your Testimony, The Bridge Illustration, Sharing Effectively, Steps to Building a Bridge, Turning a Climbing Conversion, When Fishing is Better than Climbing, Postmodern Apologetics and Fishless Fishermen.

    Lastly is a Resource Section. It contains: Ideas for Mission Work to Climbers, What Solid Rock Believes (Doctrinal Statement), More Questions and Answers for Post Moderns, Fill-ins and Answers and Contacting Solid Rock.

    COST: $2.00 (includes shipping)
    OR download as PDF (906 KB).
    If you print once, reshuffle, print otherside, two copies will be produced.

    Outreach Business Cards Pack

    Order 10 outreach business cards. The gospel is on the back. Keep them with your climbing gear, and give out when exchanging contact information.

    COST: $5.00 (includes shipping)

    Climbers Tract Pack

    The pack includes 5 tracts about legendary climber Tobin Sorensen, 5 “Seventh Grade” tracts by Jeremy Higle, and 5 "Is Your Belay On" by Roger Kubly.

    COST: $3.00 (includes shipping)


  • Tobin Sorenson Tract
  • Grade VII Tract By Jeremy Higle 
  • Is Your Belay On Tract by Roger Kubly
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Print in color, double sided, cut in half, fold and staple.

  • beanie logo climb hard.jpgLogo Decal

    Stick this logo decal on your helmet or on your car and give witness. The size of the decal is 5.5 by 3.5 inches.

    COST: FREE upon request




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