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By Calvin Landrus

Imagen 624 (Small).jpgThis weekend (February 3-5, 2012), SRCFC Cuban Chapter Coordinator, Maikel Gomez, will be traveling from his home in Sancti Spíritus to Havana for the “Annual Competition of Sports Escalation.”  How do I know this? 

Maikel communicates regularly and this is what he recently wrote: “En los días 17 - 20 de febrero, se  celebrara en La Habana, Cuba el encuentro o la Competición Anual de Escalada Deportiva, allí participaran alrededor de 40 -50, yo participaré en este evento junto a dos amigos no creyentes que viajarán conmigo desde Sancti Spíritus, Gracias al Señor en mi iglesia local me obsequiaron varias biblias (Nuevo Testamento) que junto a algunos tratados que Cálvin y Fernando Maldonado  me enviaron y espero recibir antes de esta fecha, quiero compartir allí con estos escaladores, amados hermanos quisiera pedirles que oraran por esta actividad, a fin de que su Espíritu Santo esté trabajando en estos corazones y para que el Señor abra puertas espirituales y me de sabiduría y valor para compartir su Palabra con ellos, partiendo que nuestra misión es sembrar la semilla del Evangelio, el crecimiento viene de Dios, a Él sea la gloria y la Honra por siempre.”

Since I don’t know Spanish, how do I know what he is saying?  Modern technology gives me easy access to a free translator online.  Here is what Maikel wrote me per the translator (please note, grammatical errors have NOT be corrected), “In the days 17 - 20 of February, was celebrated in Havana, Cuba the encounter or the Annual Competition of Sports Escalation, there they participated around 40 -50, I will participate in this event next to two not believing friends that will travel with me from Sancti Spíritus, thanks to the Mister in my local church several Bibles they presented me (New Testament) that next to some treaties that Cálvin and Fernando Maldonado sent me and I expect to receive before this date, I want to share there with these climbers, beloved brothers he wanted to ask them that they prayed for this activity, in order to that its Holy Spirit is working in these hearts and so that the Mister open spiritual doors and me of wisdom and value to share its Word with them, leaving that our mission is to sow the seed of the Gospel, the growth comes from God, to Him Be the glory and the Honor by always.” 

As he has requested, please pray for him.  And that’s just a starting place for prayer for what God is doing in the climbing community in Cuba.  Let me back up and give some background to SRCFC in Cuba. 

In January of 2009, Maikel became a member using our Spanish Membership page (see  Since then, we have communicated often and I have found him to be a climber who wants to be a very genuine witness for Christ.  Solid Rock has been able to send him resources which with God’s help have reached him without hassles.

Now, most of the development of climbing has happened in Valle de Viñales.  This location is quite a distance from Maikel’s home, but he, along with others, has been able to develop climbing near where he lives.  So over the 4th and 5th of this month, he held a SRCFC gathering at Mogote de Tuinucú where 25 climbers (or climbers-in-training) came out to camp at his home and did some climbing together. 

When asked about the weekend, Maikel wrote, “Saludos amado hermano,  Estaba por escribirle pero no había podido hacerlo, me alegra mucho que me escribiera interesandose por el encuentro que realizamos aquí, gracias al Señor fué muy bueno pues nos reunimos 25 escaladores de varias provincias del país como La Habana, Villa Clara, Holguín y Sancti Spíritus que fué la sede del evento, también estuvo con nosotros un amigo de Suecia llamado Mats Nilson.  Participaron junto a mi 4 escaladores cristianos lo cual fé muy bueno ya que pudimos compartir acerca de Jesucristo, repartir tratados (algunos que aún me quedaban aquí ya que no ha llegado aún su paquete con el DVD ni los tratados del hermano Fernando Maldonado) y algunos Nuevos Testamentos también, tuvimos la oportunidad de contar con el hermano Rafaél y de su talento como guitarrista y a traves de esta vía cantar varias canciones con el mensaje del evangelio. Sobre todo con los amigos de Gibara pudimos conversar mucho y creo que ellos pudieron reflexionar acerca de Dios, ya que algunos de ellos son seguidores del Rock y de su genero Black Metal...fué inevitable, sin acusarlos por su creencia,  que les dijera acerca de lo mucho que Dios les ama para que ellos quieran vivir enemistados con El y su hijo Jesucristo, ellos fueron reseptivos al mensaje y creo que la Palabra de Dios nunca vuelve vacía sino que cumple su propósito en su tiempo y conforme a su voluntad.”

My translation of this reads (once again with grammatical errors left for effect), “Beloved greetings brother, Were about to write him but had not been able to do it, is happy me a lot that me to write being interested for the encounter that we carry out here, thanks to the Mister was very good therefore we meet 25 climbers of several provinces of the country as Havana, Village Clara, Holguín and Sancti Spíritus that was the headquarters of the event, also was with us a friend of Sweden called Mats Nilson.  Participated next to my 4 Christian climbers which fé very good since we could share about Jesus, to distribute treaties (some that still remained me here since not its package with the DVD has arrived still neither the tried the brother Fernando Maldonado) and some New Testaments also, we had the opportunity to include the brother Rafaél and of its talent as the guitarist and to traves of this Way to sing several songs with the message of the gospel.  Above all with the friends of Gibara we could converse a lot and I believe that they could reflect about God, since some of them are followers of the Rock and of their I generate Black Metal. ..fué inevitable, without accusing them for their belief, that told about how much God loves so that they quieran to live antagonized with Him and his son Jesus, they were reseptivos to the message and I believe that The Word of God never returns empty but complies its purpose in its time and according to its will.”

Wow!  God is alive, and in more places than just where English is spoken! 

Often Maikel has asked from time to time for Solid Rock to come to Cuba to climb and to give witness of Jesus as we come.  It has been a matter of prayer for quite a while and now seems to be the right time to begin to make plans for trip to Cuba.  So, we are tentatively planning a trip to Cuba in February 2013. 

Travel to Cuba can be a bit tricky but is not illegal (see   Most likely we will travel through Mexico, doing a Mexico outreach event on the way.  If you are interested in learning more and then considering going on this trip, send an email to

Learn more at Trip_to_Cuba

Date Posted - 02.18.12

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