Why Are Christians Beliefs Superior?

Feedback on approaches to answering this question.

Calvin Landrus' (SRCFC Director) answer to the atheist climber to "Why are your beliefs superior?" centered on two things. First, he answered with the fact that the evidence for the Christian faith is quite strong and he cited a couple of specific items.  Second, he communicated about how his faith has made a difference in his life.

Steve Hughes (SRCFC Board Member and Pastor of Tribe of Jesus) likes to keep it organic by replying with clarification questions. So suggested questions are: "Most religions believe theirs is superior.  Does that mean their beliefs are correct or the best?" or "If you think that another religion is as valid as Christianity, then tell me about that religion and why it is valid?

What do you think of the above approaches?

  • Not sure that "superior" is going to work across the board. Jesus is The Way, The Truth and the Life. He heals (Sozo) completely. He knows the heart, the mind and the soul. Honestly, speaking specifically, prophetically and words of knowledge that bring an encounter with Jesus right then is what I aim for. I don't read Jesus doing comparisons.
  • I would tend use Calvin's approach, Christianity is a 'revealed' religion, personal acknowledgement and transformation rather than cultural Steve's approach, one has to be more willing to engage the individual in discourse, something I tend to avoid. Also, you need to know enough about the other faiths to argue against them.
  • These are good leading points to a deeper discussion.
  • In general, there's a mix-up between a belief that is evidence based and one that is truth based. I don't believe in Christ b/c the evidence is good. I believe b/c there is truth in what he says. Steve's is off-base b/c atheists don't have religious beliefs, and their opinion of them will be low in general. So, this wouldn't be a good approach.
  • I think answering about how our faith has made a difference to US is a good way to go, because we're not trying to knock down anyone else's opinions.

How would you answer the question of "Why are your beliefs superior?"

  • I would likely use a blend of both.
  • The Word of God, the Bible, is the only book that clearly and completely reflects the realty we see because it comes directly from God. It is God's only written communication to us that is completely consistent prophetically, historically, archeologically, scientifically, and logically. No other belief system can compare with instruction book.
  • Grace is given to all, But with a personal relationship and responsibilities
  • I'd focus on the truth in what Jesus teaches. The goodness in loving everyone, even one's enemies. I'd point out the truth in Jesus' teachings about remaining humble, being charitable, remaining as a child in some ways, etc. Christian belief is evidence based, but not evidence proving a past existence, but rather a present power of acting on Jesus.
  • Instead of answering that, let me tell you why I chose Christianity. For me, it is all about Jesus. The first time I read the Bible, it was pretty amazing because I realized how incredibly good God is and how far we are from Him, and how impossible it is for us to become like Him. Jesus bridged that gap for us. Etc...


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