Request for Help with Special Needs Climbing Gear

Hi, I just found out about SRCFC from member, Ed Sauder.   It sounds really awesome, and one that I would like to be involved with. But first things first, I need some help. I am planning to bring a portable climbing wall with adaptable equipment out to a special needs picnic (in Holland, Michigan on July 28th, see What I have been told is that this adaptable equipment is more complicated than the gear that I am used to, and I was recommended to get more training with it. I am looking for someone who is familiar with this adaptable equipment like a climbing pulley system, pull-up bars, (Mark Wellman Adaptive Climbing Gear) and using multiple ascenders for someone who has no legs. Do you know someone who can help? Thank you. Chris Pederson (If you can, please contact him at 219-487-0807 or Date Posted - 06.29.12

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