Prayer Request For Fallen Climber


(Central Texas Chapter Coordinator,

Saturday, April 16th, a group of local Austin Climbers were climbing out at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.  Solid Rocker Joel Schopp was present.  Arik Yaacob an Israeli man who has only been in the states for a few months was climbing with the group.  Arik was cleaning a climb and fell 75ft from the anchors.  Details as to the cause of the accident are still forthcoming.   Arik was rushed to the hospital and miraculously only suffered a concussion and 6 broken ribs.  Joel and I visited Arik and his wife Lital in the hospital last night for about an hour.  Arik was in allot of pain and on some pretty heavy medication but otherwise seemed alert and in great spirits.   All of us agreed that it was only divine intervention that could have spared Arik's life.  Talking with Lital, their family seems to be pretty nominally Jewish.  I had the chance to share my testimony, some encouragement from the Old Testament and a brief Gospel presentation. Based on the trauma of the incident and their response it seemed unwise to force the issue, but I'm praying that the seed was well sown and will take root in their hearts.  This is Passover week.  I got to share with Arik and Lital how the blood of the sacrificial lamb that Moses had the Israelites spread over their doorposts so that the Angel of Death would passover them is a picture of the blood of the once and only sacrifice for the remission of sins by the true spotless Lamb Jesus Christ.  I shared how through faith in that blood sacrifice death will pass us over for eternity.  I also commented to Arik that death had just amazingly passed him over, and that God has a plan for his life.  I  Please pray for this family and their two sweet daughters, ages 1 1/2 and 4.  Pray for a quick recovery for Arik.  Pray for emotional comfort and healing for Lital.  Pray for Arik's sister as she flies in from Israel to be with the family.  Pray for Joel and I and other Christians God has placed in the Yaacobs life that we would continue to build a relationship with them, love on them, and bear witness to the true Messiah.  Pray that Arik would recognize the gift of life he has been given, that he would be driven into the arms of the Savior and that God would get the glory from this miracle.   Pray for the entire Austin climbing community, as this really shook some climbers up that were there, and there is sure to be much discussion on the accident and preventing future similar accidents. 

Date Posted - 04.21.11

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