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I am Amrutha Rengnathan, and I just graduated from the University of Georgia. I fell in love with rock climbing a few months ago, and the director of the Access Fund (a national advocacy climbing organization) recently contacted me about this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY.

The organization PAYS YOU A SALARY, PAYS ALL YOUR TRAVEL EXPENSES, GIVES YOU A JEEP, AND BENEFITS, to climb around the country, lead volunteer events at climbing locations, advocate, and inspire!!!! The job starts September of this year (2011) and goes…

until the beginning of November of next year (2012). Learn more at about the position at www.accessfund.org.  

They ONLY let you do it if you have a team of TWO and the teams must be pre-paired, and the last date to apply is AUGUST 7. I thought it would be great for ministry. The director contacted me about this job opportunity before I even applied, so we would have a very good chance of getting it if we applied. I know God does not send people alone, and what I want more than anything is another girl who is passionate about Jesus and climbing to share this adventure with.  

The another option is to go on a 5 month trip across the US to the west coast and adventure, climb, and use it as ministry. I reached out to some climbing companies because I thought it could be great to be sponsored as a beginner climber. A sponsorship would provide a means of exposure to impact a ton of people that would not normally want anything to do with Christ.  It actually worked! Petzl, Unique Outfitters, and Sherpa Adventure Gear loved the idea and are sponsoring/letting me blog for them. I will be BLOGGING FOR PETZL as a grassroots ambassador along the way! There is more information about this at www.wildheartheights.com (my blogsite)

If I am not able to find a partner for the Access Fund Opportunity, I am planning on traveling from August 12- to the middle of December, and visiting AR, CO, WY, ID, OR, CA , AZ, and UT If you feel led to join me on one of these paths, PLEASE let me know. I would be more than happy to provide you with any other information.  I would love for you to join me.  Contact me at amrutha678@gmail.com.

Date Posted - 08.03.11

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