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Recently, a member of SRCFC who has "retired" from climbing has donated a ton of used gear.  If you or a ministry you are part of has interest in the below items, please send an email to and share who you are and how you will use the gear and why you should be selected to recieve it.  All requests received by Sept. 12, 2010 will be considered.  

NOTE : All gear IS used but is usable conditions

  • 10 quickdraws, 3 biners, 2 gear slings
  • 9 cams with biners, 15 wired Nuts, 15 corded nuts, 15 pitons, nuttool, 5 alumimum heads
  • chalkbag, M harness with stich plate, M alpine harness, oval and figure 8, like new jumars
  • 50 m like new climbing rope
  • 12 point crampon pair straps, 12 point crampon pair buckled, wool mit and overglove set, M gaiters
  • 2 70cm ice axes, 2 pair glacier sun glasses, 3 ice screws, 1 rescue pulley, 1 snow picket
  • duffel pack, 5 stuff sacks, 2 first aid slings
Date Posted - 09.12.10

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