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In the summer of 2010, SRCFC National Director was watching online, a live feed of the Unified Bouldering Comp in Salt Lake City, he instantly spotted Matt Fultz.  The last time he had seen him was at an ABS comp in Bend, OR when Matt was crushing it as a junior competitor.  At the UBC, he was competing as one of the top 8 climbers, pulling down with the likes of Daniel Woods and Chris Sharma.  Knowing that he came from a Christian family, the National Director tracked him down and he agreed to be part of Solid Rock - Climbers for Christ.

Matt's Latest Video with SRCFC

Little Video for Lander, WY, 2011


Currently: College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID; Major - Exercise Science and Psychology (UPDATE: He graduated from college spring of 2014). 

Basics: Hometown - Nampa, ID; Born - May 13, 1991

Proudest Sends: The Finger (5.12d) Leslie Gulch, OR, Purple is not a Color (V10) Mt Evans, CO

What’s your diet like? I try to stay somewhat healthy. I eat a lot of veggies and only fish and birds for meat. I eat a lot of carbs and don't drink anything but water and milk.

How did you get started in climbing?  My Dad used to go rock climbing when he lived in Kentucky, and he wanted me to try to learn. I was 11 years old & I've loved it ever since.

What initially drew you to it? The aspect of it being unique and challenging. You can have a challenge that is tailored to your interests. What is your ape index? I'm lucky to be a +5 and 6' tall.

What are your top two or three performances in the competition scene?  1st Place at USA Climbing Youth Nationals, 6th Place Unified Bouldering Championship's Pro Tour

What was it like competing at the UBC – Salt Lake finals and sharing the stage with the likes of Chris Sharma and Daniel Woods?  It was incredible to meet and climb with these athletes after admiring them for so long. They really showed me how weak I am and what I need to improve on.

What would you say to a kid trying to get strong for competitions?  Achieving your goal takes sacrifice. You will succeed if you learn how to budget your time well and have it include climbing. Make sure you are pushing yourself to get better every day you're on the wall.

What are your top two or three performances outside? Eternia (V11) RMNP-Flash; Legend (V12/13) Swan Falls-First Ascent; Whiteout (5.14a) Logan Canyon-Age 13

Favorite climbs/climbing/bouldering areas?  Why? Moe's Valley, UT-The problems are so close together and they're all so much fun. Bishop, CA-Every problem is a classic that has a story or history behind it.

Compare climbing on plastic compared to real stone: Climbing outside is more fun for me, mostly because I enjoy the outdoors, and often problems have a storied history that you can appreciate. Indoor climbing is almost as enjoyable, however, because it's just you against the wall with nothing holding you back.

What are your future goals in climbing?  Or what is your dream place to visit? I would like to keep climbing and just always get better. Ultimately, as long as I'm having fun and improving, I am meeting my goals. The best place in the world to boulder seems to be in the Rocklands in South Africa, and someday (when I'm not a poor college student) I hope to visit there.

Your Family? I love my family. They are very supportive of everything I try, especially my Dad.

How did you become a Christ-follower?  God presented himself through my parents and their influence. I really began to feel a passion for following God a few years ago at my church.

How do you see being a Christian and a climber going together?  No matter what your skill level, you can have an influence on climbers and friends. Climbing is just a connection you can make in order to spread the good word.

What’s your favorite Bible verse or story?  "He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on my high places." Psalm 18:33


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