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Solid Rock – Climbers for Christ are organized locally into Chapters. Chapters most often are arranged around discernible geographical boundaries or major climbing areas.  They can be organized around your climbing gym, climbing small group in your local church or identifiable affinities such as competition climber’s Chapter.  Members aren’t limited to being part of just one Chapter.

The Purpose of SRCFC Chapters is to act as an in-person and online community where members of SRCFC can connect and better fulfill our shared vision of bringing the Good News to climbers.

What will Chapters look like?

To successfully function, Chapters must know how they will operate.  Below is a list of qualities that will be part of SRCFC Chapters.  I’m sure as we go through the learning-curve with Chapters, changes will be made to the list.  However, these seem like a good place to start.

Chapter's Qualities

Chapters will be organized around discernible geographical boundaries, major climbing areas (i.e. the Yosemite Chapter), climbing gyms, local churches or identifiable affinities (i.e. competitor climbers or ice climbers).  Individuals can belong to more than one Chapter.

The leadership of a Chapter is charged with and accepts the responsibility to encourage, equip and empower climbers to reach climbers for Christ through personal witness and group outreach.

Each Chapter exists as an extension of SRCFC’s outreach program.  A Chapter is not a legally defined division or department of SRCFC.

Each chapter will have at least one Coordinator (approved by SRCFC) at all times. If no one can be identified as a Chapter Coordinator, the Chapter will cease to exist.

Not all Chapter participants are required to be members of SRCFC, but are strongly encouraged to be one.

It will be expected that each Chapter holds at least one gathering and one outreach each year.

SRCFC makes available certain materials and training opportunities to assist the Chapter leadership in their task. However this leadership training is not all-inclusive.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.  The success of each Chapter will depend upon the leadership of the Chapter Coordinator(s) and its participants.  Leadership is simply making an idea become a reality.

As we know from our experiences on the internet, social-networking sites and forums are powerful ways to easily communicate and stay connected.  If this is followed-up with face-to-face interaction, the relationships built become super cohesive.  The first connecting point is the Chapter's forum on  A chapter Facebook group page can be started too.  And finally, we encourage each group to use the “old-fashion” way of sending notices to an email list of Chapter members.

What will Chapter Coordinators do?

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” For Solid Rock to have a meaningful impact across the climbing community, we will need hundreds of leaders. We call these leaders Chapter Coordinators. Their role is a significant responsibility and may seem over-whelming, but when a servant-leader steps up to the plate, God promises to provide divine guidance and great success. All members of Solid Rock need to consider becoming a Coordinator.

Chapter Coordinator Expectations

1. Be a devoted, growing follower of Christ, connected to a local body of Christ.

2. Be an active climber in their local area(s) and/or gym.

3. Actively pursue friendships with non-believing climbers and stay connected to the climbing community.

4. Have a list of non-believing climbers and pray for their salvation on a regular basis.

5. At least annually, plan, organize and execute an outreach event in their area, inviting members in the area to participate.  Click here to submit an event.

6. Contact new and existing members in their area for connecting them to the mission of reaching climbers for Christ.

7. After supporting their church, supporting Solid Rock with financial and prayer support as the Lord leads.

8. Have an active account on and moderate a chapter forum there.


Do Chapter Coordinators have an easy job?  Absolutely not!  It will take a lot of God-motivated, self-initiation.  Are you up for the task?  If you would like to become a chapter coordinator, please fill out the ministry application.



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