How to Live as a Climber

Life for Web.jpg Why do we follow a crack or a line of bolts? It gives us a path to go on. In the same way, perhaps we should have a pathway for living. But which path?

Think about someone doing their first trad climb, without anyone ever teaching them how to properly place gear or identify solid protection placements. That is how a lot of people approach life, just sort of “winging it” hoping for the best We know that no matter how hard you train, or how long you work a route, you can still fail. And what happens when we fail in life? How do we know where to turn, if there is nothing to guide you?

Consider the ultimate solid placement and always trustworthy guide - Jesus.  In the Bible, Jesus Christ claims to be the solid placement and trusted guide. But how do we know that He can be trusted to guide us?

For starters, Jesus is unique in that He claimed to be something more than a teacher, He claimed to be equal with God. So we need to deal with this claim.

C.S. Lewis once said that someone who makes such a bold claim must be one of three things: a liar, a lunatic, or telling the truth. When we look at the way that Jesus interacted with people, especially the disenfranchised of His time we see someone who shows too much goodness, and too much love to think that he would also be perpetuating the worst lie of all time.

Similarly, if we look at the teachings, there is such wisdom and understanding of the inner workings of the human heart to be easily convinced that Jesus did know what He was saying far from being a lunatic.

This leaves us to consider the possibility that He was telling us the truth about who He was, and who God is, and what God's plan is for us. That plan included Jesus’s death on the cross so He could pay for our sins (a debt we could never pay) and made a way for us to be reunited with God. Also in that plan was the resurrection. Since He rose again on the third day, we know that He has the power to never let us fall too far from Him to save us.

If you are realizing that where you are placing your protection isn’t solid, the moment is now to become a Christ-follower. If you have never made a decision to follow Christ, simply invite Him into your life. It will take laying down your prideful attitude of I can do life on my own.

While a simple act of faith in Jesus allows you to cross over from spiritual death to eternal life, go to to learn more. Also, there are climbers in our Where Climbers Gather forums that would love to hear about your decision.

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