Lygon Stevens

April 16, 1987 to January 10, 2008

Climbing the mountains of Colorado brought a sense of peace and an overwhelming feeling of being in the presence of God to 20-year-old Lygon Stevens. However, while making her way up Little Bear Peak in southern Colorado in January 2008 with her brother, Nicklis, the sudden and unexpected sweep of an avalanche ended her life.

In this 90-minute Day of Discovery docudrama, you'll travel to the Rocky Mountains where the events of that tragic day, January 10, 2008, and the months that followed, are recounted by the Stevens family. Facing the reality of Lygon's death and the miraculous survival of her brother Nicklis, they address the question "Why, God?" And from the pages of Lygon's journals they share answers, which ultimately point to the sovereignty of God.

Gain a better understanding of who God is during times of trials and losses in life. Discover from Lygon's legacy of intense love for God how you can trust Him to work for your good because of who He is—the One and only sovereign God.

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