John Unruh on Higher Ground



  Higher Ground – John Unruh Legacy

John Unruh, husband, father, missionary and SRCFC member, died in a climbing accident on November 3rd, 2015, near his hometown of Pachuca, Mexico.  He desired to reach the climbers in his area, and one of the ways he was looking to do that was by organizing a climbing competition.  He was working on route establishment for the comp the day he slipped off the top.  (See full story at

Higher Ground tells the story of the accident, who John was and how the SRCFC Mexican Chapter stepped up to make the competition happen.  A point that can’t be missed in the video is that when a Christian climber dies there is hope in the midst of tragedy.  Filmed and edited by SRCFC member, Tony Pacheco (, this high quality video communicates the story both in English and Spanish.   




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