Solid Rockers Share Their Memories of Dallas Kloke

I only spent two days total with Dallas but he has often come to mind when I am any where in the mountains or crags.  He was an incredibly gentle man, so easy to talk to and share my life with.  The times that we climbed together he always seemed to know someone in the area and those who he came across were always quite excited to see him.  The Lord used him as a strong force in a gentle way.  I am sadened to here this even though it has been a few years since I have seen him.  When we experience things together with someone, whether it be in the ocean or the mountains it leaves a lasting impression.  Even more so when we both know the Lord as Savior and get to share Him while experiencing his creation.  Pete Prediger

I was saddened to hear about Dallas.  I remember when I first came on the scene; he was so gracious to send me email after email giving me advice, prayers, and kind words.  I never met him, but could feel his kindness long distance.  He's rejoicing right now though, so we should hold high spirits for that...."  Andy Chasteen

Sounds like he was quite an inspirational man.  Thanks for writing us about him and posting the articles he wrote on the SRCFC website.  I never met him here in this life, but look forward to meeting him in the next! Ross Newby

I never had the honor of meeting him, but did correspond with him over email a few times. Our prayers go out to his friends and family whom he has left behind. I'm sure your heart is heavy as well. We know Dallas' is in the presence of Christ experiencing the fullness of His joy, so we don't mourn for Him just for those who will miss him so dearly.  Jason Mann

Even as I write this, I am struggling to comprehend that Dallas is gone.  Although he and I never met face-to-face and shared only a few e-mail and phone conversations, Dallas impressed me as a man full of life, energy, and love for God and His Creation.  I honestly figured that Dallas would still be around and climbing when he was ninety.  He always spoke with such a zest for life that I often found it hard to believe that he had been climbing for almost fifteen years before I was born.  Dallas will remain in my heart and mind as an example of life lived to its fullest because his was not only a life of outdoor adventure, but a life completely sold out to Christ.  I know that it is a difficult time for the Kloke and SRCFC families, but we all can rejoice that Dallas is with the Lord and that when Christ welcomed him home, Dallas heard the words we all pray to one day hear: "well done, my good and faithful servant."  Jessica Patton

I first met Dallas at the Solid Rock/Climbers for Christ gathering in Yosemite in 2003. As anyone who has met him knows, his love for Jesus was so natural, it just flowed from him in a way that seemed almost like breathing. Nothing forced about it, just a way of life and a joy in his life. He was an excellent climber, and of course had been one of the original hard men in the North Cascades. He didn't tell me that, his friends told me that. I love that photo of him on a summit with the rope just tied around his waist. When I asked him about that photo he wrote, "The profile photo is in the 1960's I believe on a peak in the Monte Cristo area of the Cascades". We kept in touch occasionally by email, and then on facebook. He told me about his competing in the masters track and field championships the past couple years.A few weeks ago I asked him how he did in the most recent events. He said that  he won the silver medal in the 2000 meter steeplechase, 70-74 age group. He added, "In the end, running and climbing are only significant if they glorify God and provide an opportunity to be a witness." I'm very thankful that I had a chance to know Dallas, and for his impact on my life. He was a unique character, one you don't forget!   Rex Green

Dallas and I have numerous e-mails regarding faith and outreach and he had invited me up several times to climb but our schedules just never matched for Mt. Erie. We did go to Vantage for a day together to prearrange the vantage SRCC out reach for 2010. On the way we talked about his past climbing (truely awesome climbs) and he seemed to talk about them as if it was like going for a morning walk or something that you just do as a part of life.  He also talked about how he volunteers at his Church to arrange emergency housing and cash for people in need, and how they need Christ in their lives.  The point in our conversations where he became the most excited was when he told me about when he and two other climbers were traveling to a climb. One of the climbers was a Christian and they began to share with the third climber about Christ and having a personal relationship which Jesus Christ. Dallas told me that as his friend shared, he just sat there and was amazed at how Christ presence was being made known in the car. During this sacred time, he just prayed throughout the full presentation of the Gospel.  Dallas relayed this to me in a tone and excitement which clearly showed that this was an important event in his life. I may never be able to climb like Dallas but I can experience the same important events by sharing the story of my Savior with someone else while on the way to a climb.  These conversations with Dallas gave me insight into a man who has lived a rich life climbing but has lived a richer life knowing Christ. If he exhibited any pain in our conversation, it was for those who suffer and are in need, not knowing Christ and the life that he provides.  Until we meet again, Dallas, thank you for the Belay, Climb on.    Duane House


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