Climbing with a Purpose in Mexico

2018 Missionary Trip to El Potrero ​Chico in Mexico


Many of us in Solid Rock have been wanting to travel to El Potrero Chico (EPC) to climb, and this trip presents the opportunity to go climbing in Mexico with a purpose! Unlikeany other climbing area, located in EPC is a Christian climbing coffee shop named El Buho, which is staffed by a team of missionaries each winter. After talking to Sean Hible and the El Buho manager for this season, he was describing how early January was the busiest season for EPC, and also where El Buho has seen the most spiritual attack and oppression. In the darkest hour we are going to lead a week of prayer upstairs in El Buho, and I am believing that during the moment of greatest spiritual oppression will come El Buho's spiritual breakthrough!

The Camping and Conference Gathering Place:

We will be meeting in El Potrero Chico at El Buho at 3:00PM then walk to the campground Rancho El Sendero, about 35 minutes away to stay for the next 7 nights. The campground has a community kitchen and showers, but there might be the possibility of renting an Airbnb (little to no change in cost) which will be decided after sign ups have closed on Monday, Dec 17th. In the mornings we will be walking to El Buho to pray from 6:00AM-8:30AM, then climb the remainder of the day, while spending time in El Buho and the local areas at night sharing the Gospel when given the opportunity. We will be praying for salvation in the climbing community, for revival to start in EPC, and that El Buho would find favor with the locals and climbing community! 


Travel (either by plane or car) + Taxi (as needed) + Camping + Food = $1000 

 Everyone will be responsible for buying their own ticket and arriving at El Buho by 3:00pm Saturday Dec 29th. If you have any questions or want to coordinate travel with others, call Corey Messer at 304-541-1174

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