The Rationale for Pray​ing for Climbers

by Calvin Landrus, Solid Rock's National Director

    As you may have observed, many climbers are escaping broken relationships and running from what they see as insurmountable life problems. Climbing can be an escape that gives them a false sense of controlling their own destiny. Also, the intense feelings of accomplishment that climbing brings can be temporarily stuffed into their hearts' God shaped vacuum. Climbers often have a non-conforming attitude.

    For these reasons, Solid Rock's vision of reaching climbers for Christ is a tremendously difficult task. Add the strategic challenges of being a rather small ministry with a rather large national scope, the mission looks almost impossible. However, we serve a great God who wishes all people to come to salvation!

    Now, our only hope for us to see these salvations in the climbing community is for us to cry out to God and ask that the Holy Spirit shall move among us in a powerful way. Will you join with me, and set aside a time of prayer and fasting for the climbing community and the salvation of those who are part of it?

    Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God will draw climbers to himself. John 6:44
  • Pray that God will remove climber's spiritual blindness. 2 Cor. 4:3-4
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will make climber's heart receptive. Jn.16:8-13
  • Pray you’ll get the opportunity to share a clear witness with climbers. Col.4 3-5
  • Pray that God will give you wisdom in what to say to climbers. James 1:5
  • Pray the Holy Spirit will use the words you say. 1 Thess. 1:5
  • Pray that the attitude of “I can do life myself” that most climbers have can be overcome.
  • Pray for the outreaches that are planned.
  • Pray Acts 4:24-31 for Solid Rock:
      Sovereign Lord, you made the heaven and the earth and the sea, and everything in them. You allowed the birth of Solid Rock's vision and have me be in charge for this season. Now, Lord, consider their threats. Climbers can be an audacious group shutting down their hearts and minds to your Word. Enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant, Jesus. Lord, give us that boldness that can only come from you. Give members and AC's strength to do so. After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. Lord, let's see that happen to Solid Rock!!!





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