Outreach at God's Lake, WI - Aug. 17-18

Outreach at God's Lake, WI - August ​1​7-18

Solid Rock outing at God's Lake (Devils Lake) starting August 1​7th overnight till the 18th. We will meet at the campground Nordic Pines which is right across from the state park on the 1​7th and we could climb that afternoon and then will have a campfire and supper and sharing time that night and then will climb all day on the 1​8th. Saturday morning we will have some devotionals before we go climbing and and then we'll go to share the Good News with other climbers. Please contact me if you can come and so I know how many to plan for. If you have any questions also let me know. My number is 608-628-2068 or email is Kublyr@Gmail.com.

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