Dual Duel Bouldering Comps

Dual Duel Bouldering Comp and Fundraiser March 14 and 21, 2015

SRCFC is participating as a Sponsor

The number is Two.  Two events where teams of two compete at the two best boulder fields in Alabama. 

The format will require teamwork and strategy to win. The well-planned circuit finished by noon won't be an option. The competitive pair with the strongest muscles, best skin, and biggest egos may have a slight advantage, but it will take more than the power of ONE to win. 

The events kick off on March 14th at Hospital Boulders, an area recently acquired by the Southeastern Climber's Coalition. This will be your chance to get a tour of the multitude of classic problems that dot the climber-owned tract of land.

Come March 21st, the twist will come into play  with a different area that will be completely new to the majority of competitors. This information will be kept secret until the last week to keep the competitors guessing. Will it be Moss Rock? Sand Rock? Roped Climbing? God forbid PLASTIC?? The twist will definitely challenge the competitive teams, and create a one of a kind climbing competition. ​


Visit Event Website for more information and to sign up at dualduelbouldering.blogspot.com/


Dual Duel Comp 1 (Hospital Boulders, AL)
Anyone want to join me at the SRCFC booth for the first leg of the Dual Duel? I’m looking for a couple people to help man the table and meander the boulder field talking to climbers. This is the second year we’ve been at this comp and we want to continue to build relationships with the climbers in the surrounding area, but there’s a limit to what I can do as only one person! Please email me at jonathan@srcfc.org if you’re interested in coming. If you’re more interested in competing let me know as I’d still love to connect with you while you’re there!

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