DO-YA-THON (Doing Your Age Climb-a-thon)

SRCFC’s DO-YA-THON (Doing Your Age Climb-a-thon)

SEPTEMBER 19-28, 2014 

SRCFC’s DO-YA-THON (Doing Your Age Climb-a-thon) is raising funds for its Plan-the-Year Fund (learn more) as a way to celebrate our 25th year of ministry. We are forging a “SILVER BULLET” so we can effectively handle the growth we are experiencing. Also, we will be raising funds to help children with AIDS in Africa by donating 10% of the total raised to Climb-up So Kids Can Grow-up.

In climbing, there could be many ways to do your age in a day for this climb-a-thon. The classic would be doing how many pitches you are old. Traditionally, that is done on your birthday and is known as the “birthday challenge.” SRCFC’s Do-Ya-Thon will most likely not be on your birthday but can be on the day of your choosing during any 24 hour period from September 19th until the 28th.

Calvin Landrus, SRCFC's National Director, will be doing 53 pitches on September 20th, asking folks to donate per pitch. If the classic way is too easy because you are young, then climb your age in pitches above a certain grade. If you are a boulderer, climb your age in boulder problems. Mountain climber? It could be climbing your age in hundreds of feet gained. Creative ideas are welcome.


1. Establish your own fundraising page below, seek supporters and get ready to climb! Deadline to sign-up is September 18th.

2. Choose a climber below to support.

Incentives to Climb in the Do-Ya-Thon 

(Please Note: When you reach a level, you will receive all the incentives below that level as well. And, of course, you can always say no thanks to the incentives.)
  • Level 1 – Mazama Bar for Signing-up and getting one donation.
  • LEVEL 2 – So ill Bag of Climbing Chalk for getting $100 in donations.
  • LEVEL 3 – Quickdraw for getting $500 in donations.
  • LEVEL 4 – Helmet or C4 Cam and Climb-up so Kids Can Grow Up T-shirt for getting $1000 donations.
  • LEVEL 5 – 70 M Climbing Rope for getting $5000 in donations.

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