Breakfast at the Pit, Bishop

Breakfast at the Pit

Bishop, CA

The most important thing we need for this event are souls. Not once have we had more able-bodied Christians than lost souls to glorify Christ to. When an entire Solid Rock crew showed up in November we had over 10 people with us yet there were still campers who walked by unattended. Pray that God would provide those workers of His work, even if it means you.

I also would like to take this time to stir you up to another good work of proclaiming the work of Christ. The lunches at the Methodist church are a bountiful opportunity to speak to needy and lost souls about Christ. I have been attending there almost every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and speaking to the homeless and needy culture. God has been fruitful and has opened many doors for the Gospel and also for the discipling of others. The temporal needs of these people have been supplied well beyond what Jesus provided for the crowds that followed Him, now, let us provide nourishment for their souls.

Thank you for your time and prayers.

Matthew Herman (​

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