Limestoner 2015 Outreach Report

By Jason Mann, Central Texas Chapter Coordinator

The Central Texas Chapter hosted an outreach at the Limestoner climbing competition the last weekend of April outside of Dripping Springs, TX.  High temps and the threat of rain didn't dampen spirits as about 80 competitors pulled down hard on the pocketed limestone. 

Our team of five volunteers passed out about 60 Gatorades and numerous Solid Rock resources as we manned the booth and climbed on mission throughout the day.  We had several significant spiritual conversations.

limestoner 2015.jpg

One that stood out is with my friend who came by the booth and is a lesbian.   I've tried to have spiritual conversations with her in the past to no real avail, but this time around she opened up.   She shared with me a bad experience that she had in the church at age 12 that turned her off to organized religion.  As a deacon in my church, I had an opportunity to speak to her hurt, share with her that I'm sorry for what she experienced, and that it doesn't reflect what it means to be a true follower of Christ.  Although the conversation was brief as she was in a hurry to get out and compete I feel like it was a bridge to deeper conversations that will hopefully follow in the future.  

Such conversations are typical of the Austin-based climbing community.  My climber friends would mostly consider themselves spiritual people but they are closed off to organized religion, and there is usually a bad experience or perceived injustice that the Devil has used to snatch up the seed of the Gospel.  

I'm so thankful for Solid Rock and the support and prayers of a nationwide organization whose chief aim is to bring climbers to the feet of Jesus.  I've found this mission field to be a difficult one, but slowly like peeling back the layers of an onion we're beginning to see the lies stripped away as we get to the heart of why climbers have rejected Jesus as their life, and turned to creation rather than the Creator to meet their deeply felt spiritual needs.  

We will never give up on a single soul.  Please pray for patience, humility, and that the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ would cut through the lies of the enemy like a white hot sword.  May local climbers be broken by their sin and the emptiness in their souls that climbing can never fill.   May they repent and embrace the grace and love of Jesus, one soul at a time, finding the hope, joy, and purpose in Him that their hearts so deeply desire. 

Date Posted - 05.18.15

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