Revisiting SRCFC’s Purpose - Equipping

By Calvin Landrus, SRCFC Director

NC14 Calvin Teaching.jpgThis is the third installment of a review of Solid Rock’s purpose which “is to encourage, equip, and empower climbers to reach climbers for Christ through personal witness and group outreach.”  In Update 255 “to empower” was unpacked and “to encourage” was looked at in Update 256.  In this one, we will look at the equipping aspect of Solid Rock’s purpose.

As a climber, one of the most important skills to be equipped with is belaying.  When I learned to belay in 1978, belay devices were still in their infancy and the “gold-standard” the Spokane Mountaineers taught was the hip-belay.  To make sure we believed the mantra that the “leader should never fall,” we were required to pass THE belay test.

The test was hauling a 100 pound truck tire with a rope and pulley system 20 feet up into a tree and then having the student catch the falling “climber” - the tire free-falling several feet - with a hip belay.  Rope burns on the student’s hands, waist, etc. where common.  The whole process scared some away from finishing the climbing course but it definitely gave students a realistic view of the forces generated in a fall and confidence to know they could catch a substantial fall. 

The goal of our equipping part of Solid Rock’s purpose is to do the same thing as the belay test – to give climbers a realistic view of what it will take to be a witness in the climbing community and to have enough gained knowledge to confidently engage climbers with the message of Christ.

Now, what happens when someone who doesn’t work in the construction trade decides to put an addition on their house? They often find themselves trying to perform a task for which they aren’t equipped.  I found myself in the situation adding two rooms on my house.  Sometimes I lacked the knowledge on how to do things, and other times I didn’t have the right tools for the job.  Often, I was less effective than a well-equipped construction worker.

When it comes to being a witness to our fellow climber, we often find ourselves not fully trained or without proper tools.  So Solid Rock’s equipping must build in the right set of skills and knowledge base into us so we can be more effective in doing the work of an evangelist.  The other side of the coin in equipping is having the tools and resources in hand to share our faith to climbers.

Some of the Right Set of Skills and Knowledge Base that we train climbers in are:

- Ability to build relationships with non-believing climbers.

- Functional understanding of the Gospel.

- Importance of prayer when doing spiritual warfare.

- Assistance in planning for outreaches and special activities for evangelism.

- Functional understanding of the post-modern worldview that climbers tend to follow.

The platforms we use to train these skills and knowledge are our Email Updates, mailed Newsletters and in-person at Conferences. Many thoughts could be taught in this training but a great place to start is getting a handle with what is in SRCFC’s Member Handbook.  It is set-up to be able to be self-studied.  You can get a copy of the handbook for free in the mail or get it via download at handbook.pdf (For best results: print a copy, reshuffle, print on the other side, two copies will be produced.)

The other part of being equipped is having the right tools and resources for witnessing to climbers.  Some personal tools that we have available are: SRCFC business cards with your contact information; tracts written for climbers; and logo T-shirts and other products that will give you an opportunity to start spiritual conversations.  You can get all these items at

Our website is a great resource for you to invite your climbing friends to as they can enter a gear giveaway there, find climbing partners, participate in positive climbing forums and find the Gospel message.  We have great climbing videos that have information about a climbing area and/or shares seeds of Biblical truth.  You dan share our Vimeo link friends and/or share specific videos found there. 

The last resource to be brought to your attention is being equipped by attending Solid Rock’s numerous outreach events.  Below is an event report from Central Texas Chapter Coordinator, Jason Mann, that makes it obvious that one will naturally learn and participate in outreach work to climbers at such events.  To be part of outreach events, you will need to lay aside some of your climbing agenda and perhaps deal with some feelings of being uncomfortable.     

There are many other tools and resources that could be made available.  Some things may not have even been thought of.  Some items may be on the drawing board.  In all cases, for some of these resources to become a reality, your time, talent and/or giving will be needed!  And please, let us know if you have a great idea for equipping our members and/or tools/resources that should be developed.

Paul in 1 Corinthians 5:18-19 wrote this, “All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation.”  We hope that in small way that Solid Rock equips you with training and resources so that you can fully do the ministry of reconciliation that God has committed to you!

Date Posted - 05.18.15

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