Short-Term Missionary


Solid Rock Short-Term Missionaries are called of God to join in the process of sharing the Good News of Christ with climbers on a full-time basis for a period of one to six months.

We have two types of experiences currently being offered:

  1. “On The Road” Missionaries: They normally go out in a team of two. Only married couples are allowed to be coed teams. They serve by traveling to various climbing areas then reaching out to climbers through relationships and events. They will also connect with Solid Rockers in the area.
  2. National Office Interns: They serve in Bend, OR at the National Office. Inrterns do administrative and leadership duties and reach out to climbers at local climbing areas such as Smith Rock and events.


Provided by the Missionary

-Raise their own support for travel and living expenses.

-Have all climbing and camping equipment; vehicle to travel in.

-Communication with prayer team on a regular basis.

-Communication with National Office as directed.


Provided by SRCFC

-The organization and logistics for raising support.

-Endorsement letter from National Director for support-raising.

-Training on raising support and doing outreach ministry to climbers.

-Ask SRCFC members to participate in the Missionary’s support.

-Provide the tools and resources necessary for outreach; tracts, coffee, info, etc.


A suggested process and timeline for becoming a short-term missionary are outlined below.

There is some flexibility in what is stated. If God is calling you to Solid Rock – Climbers for Christ to be a Short-term Missionary, please contact me. I’m excited to hear how God is leading you.

Serving the Lord with you,


Calvin Landrus

National Director




1. Fill out the ministry application (currently the Area Contact Application) & have references. See HERE for applying online or getting one mailed to you.

This is to be completed four months before serving

2. Phone interview with National Director

This is to be completed four months before serving.


3. Confirmation by SRCFC Board of Directors

This is to be completed three months before serving.


4. Mission Experience Planning

  • Determine type, length of commitment and start date
  • Goals for you and for Solid Rock – Climbers for Christ
  • If “On the Road” Missionary tentative travel directions & dates are set (As you are on the road, flexibility will be needed as we see how the Holy Spirit leads.
Completed three months before serving.

5. Prayer and Support Team Building (this is the missionary’s responsibility) 


  • A letter sent to family and friends from you. Include an endorsement letter from National Director that legitimize this as true missionary experience
  • Seek permission to give a presentation at churches where you have a relationship.
  • Send out follow-up support letters.
  • Presentations to churches when you are on the road (as opportunities present themselves).
  • Raised funds will go first towards the expenses of the mission trip, then towards an honorarium.
  • Maximum amount of honorarium to be determined by the BOD.
Started two months before serving.


6. Mission Adventure

  • Suggested Start: One-week visit to Bend, OR for training and final planning.
  • Begin mission experience or road trip with advance for trip expenses.
  • Every two weeks, written or oral report of happenings with National Director.
  • Expenses submitted to be reimbursed on a regular basis
  • Email and phone communication as needed with National Director.


7. Adventure Ends

  • Debriefing in person if possible
  • Written evaluation from Missionary and from National Director
  • Final expense reports
  • Honorarium given



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