We are a group of over 2000 Christian climbers who have a great passion to reach climbers for Christ and help them find the adventure that lasts. We are committed to "go and share the good news about Jesus Christ." (Matthew 28:18-20) It just happens to be that the "go" part means climbing to be where "they" are.  
  • Our Vision: Bringing the Good News to climbers
  • Our Purpose: We exist to encourage, equip, and empower climbers to reach climbers for Christ through personal witness and group outreach.
  • We believe: That Jesus Christ, being God, became a man, lived and died for each of us, and then took our faults (sins) and paid for them by dying in our place so that we could have peace within, and be children of God. Receiving this gift brings everlasting adventure into a climber's life! Read our doctrinal statement.

Solid Rock Climbers for Christ is a missionary organization.  Our mission is made possible by the donations of SRCFC Members and Friends.




Having a national presence in the climbing community through personal sharing, web site interactions and climbing publications advertising. These will encourage Christian climbers to join in the process of reaching climbers for Christ and give witness to seeking un-reached climbers. We want "Solid Rock" to be common knowledge in the climbing community.

This will be done by:

  • Having Chapter Coordinators (CC) or "On the Road" Missionaries who are connecting members and organizing outreaches. We envision hundreds of Area Contacts across the U.S. & several Roaming Contacts being “on the road” missionaries. Apply to be a Chapter Coordinator and/or On the Road Missionary.
  • Offering training and resources on outreach programs and how to do the work of an evangelist.
  • Having a monthly outreach e-mail that relates the truths found in God's word to a climber's everyday life.
  • Organizing National Conferences and Area Gatherings for training, fellowship and personal growth. Assist in planning for outreaches and special activities for evangelism.
  • Publishing regular newsletters and e-mail updates with news, events, and great articles.
  • Having resources such as tracts (designed for non-Christian climbers), outreach stickers, personalized business cards, and logo merchandise (T-shirt, carabineer, water bottle, baseball cap, handhold, etc.)
  • Producing two types of videos. One would show great, classic climbs of an area and climbers sharing their faith. These can be given to the un-reached! The other video type would share the mission of Solid Rock and how to get involved. This is for those new to the ministry!
  • Providing a Christian Climbers Directory (hard copy and web-based) with the goal of connecting for ministry purposes.
  • Providing a Member’s Handbook that gives Solid Rock’s methods, training and contact information.
  • Organizing and funding climber events such as competitions, area cleanup events, climbing festivals, slide shows, etc.

NOTE: Some of the items above are still in the planning stage!

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Activities described and depicted within this site carry a significant risk of personal injury or death. Rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and all other outdoor activities are dangerous.

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