What is a Member? 

A member is a Christian Climber who agrees with the Mission, Methods  and Christian Doctrine of SRCFC, allows his or her name, location and e-contact information to be passed on to other Solid Rockers and maintains an active account on "Where Climbers Gather."

The first step in becoming a member is to register as a Site User. Once registered, you will have an option to join then (or you can join anytime at the Site User Portal).

Member Benefits

  • Email Updates & Mail "Vertical Adventure" Newsletters: communication teachings, prayer requests, vision, events, and other information about Solid Rock.  All members are subscribed to these.
  • Opportunities to do Outreach: Connecting Christian climbers for mission work to other climbers in their areas is a priority for us. We are organizing outreach events across the USA and around the world.  Also, each member can organize an outreach and receive support from the National Office.  Learn more at Steps to Organizing an Event.
  • Member's Handbook: a guide to the methods, training, contact information of Solid Rock is available upon request.
  • Resources: T-shirts, Climber's Tracts, Outreach Business Cards, DVDs and invitations to Conferences, Gatherings and Outreaches.  Learn more about resources and logo-ware.
Member Responsibilities
  • Involvement: They will be invited to volunteer their time & abilities to making the Mission of Solid Rock happen. Attendance at area Events should be a priority.
  • Prayer: The importance of praying for climbers who need Christ, the climbing community and the ministry of Solid Rock - Climbers for Christ can't be over stated!
  • Annual Gift: Each member is encouraged (not required) to give an annual donation ($30 suggestion) to help sustain the ministry or an annual supporter donation ($100 or more) to help the ministry grow. Click Here to make a donation!
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Activities described and depicted within this site carry a significant risk of personal injury or death. Rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and all other outdoor activities are dangerous.

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