Accessing Your Account for the First Time:
  If you have been a member of SRCFC in the past or you were in our old “Partners Directory” you have been added to the system.  So, first try to access the platform through our “lost information” path by using the detailed instructions below.  If you try and your email address is not found, please establish a new account by registering.  Here are the instructions for the “lost information” path:
1. You will be entering the platform through the “lost information” page of the platform.
2. Please note that you haven’t lost your information; you just have not had a chance to set a password or username. Therefore, the best path is the “lost information” page at /lost-information/.
3. Once there, you will submit the email address this Bulletin arrived too.  (NOTE: If WCG doesn’t recognize your email address, just register. Thanks).
4. Then, the system will send you an email with a link that will open in a new window.
5. After entering a password, you will be logged into the system and be able to navigate via the Site User Portal.
6. From there you can view your profile, update your profile, search for climbers in the system and go to the forums and begin to post.

The following “to dos” are essential for making WCG a vibrant online community:
1. In your profile, add as much information as you can, especially in regards to your climbing & spiritual journey, and make as much info public as you feel comfortable with.  We encourage you to make public your stories as they can be informative to non-believers and encouraging to believers.
2. Start a new topic and/or post in an existing topic.  Here a couple of interesting ones:
3. Subscribe to your Chapter’s forum (if there is one for you) and to all topics that interest you.
4. For added interest, please post pictures and videos.  Post pictures by using the “upload attachment” option in the posting editor.  For videos, you can use the bbc (bulletin board code) for either Vimeo or YouTube.  
Privacy Information:  We have taken steps to insure that only limited information is available to the public.  These items include your username, state, region, country and climbing information. Other site users will be able to view this information and it will be included in search results. Some information (first and last name, email address, city, phone number and your “story” options) can be made public if you choose.  Your mailing address and postal code are updatable on the platform but they will never be made public.

Private Messages: Other site users will be able to send you private messages where your email address remains hidden to them.  You will be able to ignore that message if you choose or respond via the private messaging system.  By default, email notification that a PM has arrived is turned-on.  You can turn-off that off in the User Control Panel.  However, you are highly encouraged to keep that on.  Also, if you receive any spam related private messages, please report them via the system.

Username: When we added our database to the platform, we needed a unique username for each person so we used your first name.  If there was more than one person with the same name, a number was added.  Would you like a new username?  The site administrators are the only ones who can change the username.  Email office@srcfc.org if you want a new username.

Deleting Your “Where Climbers Gather” Account:
  To opt-out of “Where Climbers Gather,” please email us that request to office@srcfc.org.  In that email, please give some feedback on that decision and indicate if you would like to stop receiving SRCFC’s general communications.



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