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If you are a climber, you love being outdoors. You have a connection with nature that might be somewhat spiritual. You are invited to spend time on this site, find climbing partners and learn something new.
If you are a Christian climber, chances are you have a desire for your climbing partners and friends to enjoy the same relationship with God you have! Our desire is to help you in that process. You are invited to spend some time here and discover what our mission is and how you can be a part!
Together - We are community
Everyone - All kinds of climbers to reach all kinds of climbers
Accomplishes - Doing it all for God's glory
More - 1,000,000 climbers need the Lord!
Then join the TEAM of over 2200 who are members and friends of Solid Rock Climbers for Christ! 
First step is registering at "Where Climbers Gather."



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Activities described and depicted within this site carry a significant risk of personal injury or death. Rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and all other outdoor activities are dangerous.

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