Restocking Our Shelves Update

By Calvin Landrus, SRCFC National Director

Last time communication went out, I wrote, “Your gift today is urgently needed so we can continue together in this important work of ‘bringing the Good News to climbers!’”   That was written because Solid Rock had tremendous outreach during the first half of 2013 (see more), leaving Solid Rock’s accounts totally picked-over.  

Little did I know that God had already prompted a Solid Rocker to send in a major gift.  Add that to the number of donations that God brought in using the appeal and we can drop the word urgent from the appeal.  Since we solely rely on donations (we don’t have membership dues), all we do requires folks like you deciding to give.  If you have never given or haven’t recently, now is still a good time to give.  A thank-you goes to those who have given and for God for prompting it all!

A good question some may be asking is where does my donation go?  First, let me say after being involved in ministry for over thirty years, the resources Solid Rock uses to do outreach are some of the most productive evangelism money spent.  That said you can view our 2013 General Fund Budget at SRCFC 2013 General Fund Budget. Feel free to ask questions about how we use our donations at any time.

One last thing to know as you consider giving is about the of funding for missionary staff (Solid Rock’s National Director, Calvin Landrus, Outreach Directors & AOG Climbing Chaplains, Nate and Sarah Moore, SE Regional Director & Himalayan Outreach Coordinator and our short-term missionaries).  Although the vast majority of their support comes from sources outside of Solid Rock, some of your General Fund giving goes towards staff support.  

In closing, we have a guiding value when it comes to finances within Solid Rock.  It goes, “As God guides in He provides.”  This means that when we don’t have the funding we know God is either telling us “no” or “wait until later.”  It keeps it simple and allows going where God is leading.


Date Posted - 08.16.13

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