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Outreach at God's Lake, WI - Aug. 18-19 - 08.19.17

Climbing, Camping and Sharing God's Word.

S. Adirondack Rock Climbers' Fest, Sept. 8-10 - 09.10.17

The SAdkRF is a casual get-together introducing folks to the rock climbing of the Southern Adirondacks.

Smith Rock Craggin Classic - September 15-17, 2017 - 09.17.17

The AAC Craggin Classic is back at Smith Rock and SRCFC is sponsoring it byproviding two breakfasts. Come to the event and help make it an awesome event.

Annual 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell - Sept. 20-24, 2017 - 09.24.17

SRCFC is sponsoring this endurance climbing competition at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, AR.

Idaho Mountain Festival at City of Rocks September 21-24 - 09.24.17

SRCFC will be sponsoring the IMF by providing and serving dinner on Thursday.

New River Gorge Craggin Classic - Sept. 22-24, 2017 - 09.24.17

The Lynchburg Chapter of the SRCFC will be supporting the AAC Craggin Classic at New River Gorge by providing a Sunday morning breakfast for the event.

Yosemite Facelift, Sept. 26-Oct. 1 - 10.01.17

SRCFC is planning again to have a presence at this year's Yosemite Facelift.

Rocktoberfest Weekend, Red River Gorge, KY - Oct 6-8 - 10.08.17

Red River Gorge Climber’s Coalition uses the event to promote climbing at the RRG and to raise funds to pay for the purchase of crags. SRCFC is sponsoring this event by providing breakfast to 200+ climbers - volunteers needed.

National Conference 2017 - Smith Rock, OR, October 26-29 - 10.29.17

National Conferences are traditionally our largest gatherings. You will have a chance to get to know more Solid Rockers and do ministry together.

Solid Rock Cuba National Conference - 11.16.17

Date and Location for Cuba National Conference

2018 Cuban Climbing Competition, March 1-4, 2018 - 03.04.18

SRCFC will be participating as a sponsor

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